We believe that a healthy church congregation joyfully grows together to learn how to follow Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

We hope that those who join us for Sunday Service will also invest with ACC members as disciples of Jesus Christ through fellowship, accountability, and service so that we can be ministers of God’s love wherever He has placed us.

For more information about the different ministries where you can connect with church members to grow, check out our ministry descriptions below. The Good News of Jesus Christ compels us to respond to His love by following His example in serving others through the transforming power of God’s Spirit, who dwells in every believer. Therefore, these ministries also present opportunities for you to cultivate your gifts to be a blessing to others so that God can be glorified.


At ACC, we hope to see our kids develop a love for God and a love for others. Promiseland is available every Sunday 9:30AM – 12:25PM in Taylor Hall for children (newborn to 5th grade) to come learn more about God and His Good News. Our trained Promiseland teachers use developmentally appropriate lessons to guide our children’s spiritual growth in a safe and welcoming classroom setting. We are using Planning Center check-in system to have all the children & volunteers to be checked in. If your name or your child's name is not found by entering your phone number at a self check-in station, please go to a manned station for assistance.


Every young student needs someone to affirm and guide his or her personal journey of faith. Lighthouse Youth Ministry brings middle school and high school youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can be His representatives to love and transform our world. We partner with parents to help youth discover who they are in Christ and what it means to have a faith of their own (all while having fun together!). We welcome 6th to 12th graders to join us Friday nights at 7:30PM and Sunday mornings at 11:00AM at the William Carey Building. For more information about opportunities to participate or serve with the youth ministry, contact


The word "Awana" is an acronym of "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed," based on 2 Timothy 2:15. ACC Awana meets September through May and invites all children from three years old to 5th grade to join us Friday nights at 7:30PM in Taylor Hall. Our goal is to train children to know God’s Word well and live out God’s teaching in a positive, fun environment using the national Awana club format. For more information, email

Summer Jam

Summer JAM (Jesus and Me) is a children’s summer outreach program focused on providing special interest classes (including music, science, arts/crafts, and sports) as well as Bible lessons to children from three years old to 5th grade during the summer season. Registration for Summer JAM begins late spring, and all children in Summer JAM are encouraged to continue coming on Fridays during the school year with Awana. For more information, email


Faith@Home is designed for our members at Austin Chinese Church to grow more intentional in creating a God-honoring home. We believe that spiritually healthy families are the foundation of a united church. We are committed to building God-centered marriages and families whose members love one another, following the example of Christ. We offer resources to help families take simple steps to make development easily accessible and implemented. These resources are also available at the Faith@Home Center on-site location.

Life Groups (Small Group Bible Study)

Life groups are small community groups that meet regularly and purposefully to develop disciples of Jesus Christ and experience His power to change lives. Together, we will grow in our love for God and for each other as we pray, study the Bible, serve the community and share the good news of Jesus Christ with our local and global neighbors.

Tapestry (Women's Ministry)

Tapestry, ACC's women's ministry, brings women together to share and learn so that we can joyfully live out our calling as women in Christ. Tapestry hosts an event once a quarter and a Women's Retreat every two years. Past events include guest speakers, pool parties, cooking feminars, and craft-making sessions. Please contact us at if you would like to find out more about us and our upcoming events.


Life groups are small community groups that meet regularly and purposefully to develop disciples of Jesus Christ and experience His power to change lives. Together, we will grow in our love for God and for each other as we pray, study the Bible, serve the community and share the good news of Jesus Christ with our local and global neighbors.

Discovery Groups (Adult Sunday School)

Looking for a deeper understanding of God? Discovery Groups, our adult education classes, offer people across life stages the opportunity to mature spiritually through practical and relevant teaching on God's Word over topics such as Bible Character Studies, Parenting, Leadership Development, Discipleship, and Local Outreach. Our hope is that you will not only grow in your knowledge of God, but that you will also live out what you have learned. Join us after Sunday Service at 11:05AM, and check your Sunday bulletin for a list of available Discovery Groups this season!

Quest (College Sunday School)

Quest is a college education ministry at ACC that meets on Sundays from 11:00AM at the John Sung Building during the academic year. Our desire is to see college students stretched and deepened by the Word of God in order to mature as missional leaders and to serve God and His people on and off campus. To learn more, visit our Quest Facebook group or email


The Welcome Team invites you to visit us at the Connection Center after Sunday Service to find out more about ACC and the different ministries available. You can ask questions about our church, learn more about the Gospel (which means Good News) of Jesus Christ, request for and receive prayer, and meet some of the members of our congregation. To get connected to a Welcome Team member, please fill out our visitor form:

For more information about joining the welcome ministry team, fill out our interest form: - If you have any additional questions, email

Local Outreach

The Local Outreach Ministry’s desire is to embody Christ's sacrificial love by mobilizing and equipping our church family to be good neighbors and witnesses for Christ in our local communities. We focus on partnering with neighboring organizations, supporting life groups on their outreach efforts, and mobilizing church members missionally. (1 Peter 4:10-11) To get connected, please fill out our newsletter interest form: If you have any questions, email

Music & AV

Sunday Service facilitates our encounter with the living God so that we can worship Him through music, teaching, prayer, and Communion. The Music Worship Team leads the congregation into God's presence and prepares our hearts to praise Him joyfully through songs. This tunes our hearts to worship God, not only through the remainder of the service, but also through the rest of the week, as we continue to live gratefully in response to who He is. Those blessed by God with the gift of music are invited to join the team and use their gifts for His glory. The A/V Team uses technical gifts to bring sight and sound to Sunday Service and enhance the worship experience. Our team oversees the audio and visual needs for the Music Worship Team, the speakers, and the congregation by managing the sound board, projecting song lyrics, and providing technical support for visual aids and videos. Contact for more information on both teams.


God is our perfect Creator, and we believe that we reflect His image when we engage in design and creativity. The Media Team uses the gifts God has given our team members to communicate with the congregation about the mission, next steps, and current happenings of our church. Our Media Team includes website content managers, slide designers, print designers, and photographers to support our church’s media needs. Contact for more information.