Our Hope

To make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing His good news with all people, especially with those of Chinese descent, and helping them grow as followers of Christ, so that together we will bear witness of His glory in Austin, in the surrounding areas, and to the ends of the earth.

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Announcements & Events

2019 Hope-It-Up Basketball Tournament

The ACC 2019 Hope-It-Up 3-3 Basketball tournament will be on 4/13/2019 at Austin Chinese Church. Information & Registration forms are available here: http://austinchinesechurch.org/acc/2019bball.pdf. Registration deadline: April 7, 2019.


Our next baptism service will be on 5/5. If you are interested in being baptized, please contact the EAA at eaa@austinchinesechurch.org by April 14th.

Graham Elementary Mentoring

Graham Elementary Mentoring. One great opportunity to grow in sharing the love of Jesus to others is to be a mentor at Graham Elementary. As a mentor you work 1-on-1 with a student to improve their social and study skills, strengthen their communication skills, and build self-confidence. For more information on how to become a mentor, please email Dora Cheng at english.localoutreach@austinchinesechurch.org.

Latest Sermon


Do You Have the Fruit of Repentance In Your Life?

The Gospel
Matthew 3: 7-10

Last week we discussed the close relationship of Faith and Repentance. As we continue to examine the richness of the Gospel, there is a phrase that John the Baptist used that gives us reason to pause. He said, "Bear fruit in keeping with repentance." John Calvin comments on today’s passage, saying, “Repentance is an inward matter, which has its seat in the heart and soul, but afterwards yields its fruits in a change of life.” It is not enough to profess sorrow for transgression; we have not truly turned from sin if our lives are unchanged." So the question to ask yourself is: Am I a Christian, or a Pretender?


2019 Discovery Group Courses

Christianity and Sexuality (Quest)

John Sung Building
11:00a - 12:15p

Questions you've wanted to ask in church but have been afraid to. Join us as we tackle real-life questions on topics relating to sexuality: dating, LGBTQ, pornography, self- esteem, sex in the media, and sexual/emotional abuse. Learn to love as God loves as we explore these topics through the lens of God's purpose for human sexuality.

Come, Lord Jesus

Ming Dao Classroom 2
11:05a - 12:15p

"Come, Lord Jesus" is the last chapter of our three-year journey through the Bible. Join us as we examine the source of our hope and joy in all of life's circumstances through the testimony of Paul's last days and the various letters at the end of the Bible.

Heaven Meets Earth: The Surprising Christian Hope

Ming Dao Classroom 1
11:05a - 12:15p

“What do Christians hope for? To leave this physical world and go to “heaven” after death? What is “heaven” anyway, and how does it relate to “earth”? What do we mean by the “resurrection of the body” and “new creation”? Please join us for “Heaven Meets Earth” as we explore these and other questions about the Christian hope. In the process, our preconceptions about that hope may be challenged in surprising and exciting ways. This course will engage all who are interested in the meaning of life — not only after death but also before it.

The Money Challenge

Ming Dao Classroom 3
11:05a - 12:15p

Did you know that Jesus said more about money than he did about heaven and hell combined? What does the Bible teach us about money? How does God want us to manage the resources we have? How do we decide how much to spend, save, invest, or give? Let’s study the Scriptures together and strive toward the goals of “giving generously, saving wisely, and living appropriately.” (Rainer)

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