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To make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing His Good News with the ethnic Chinese in Greater Austin and by helping them grow as followers of Christ so that together we will bear witness of His glory to the world.

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Response to God's Blessings

The Battle Between the Lions
Psalm 67: 1-7

Do you know why God blesses us? It's so that He may be known throughout the whole world! Therefore, our first response to God's blessings is to pray in thanksgiving so that all the peoples will praise Him and that all the nations will be glad and sing for joy to Him..


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Reason for Hope

Apologetics is not a calling for a select few—in today's culture, it is an essential component of our shared mission as Christian believers. When someone asks "how do you know that God exists?", what would you say? If someone raises an objection to God's existence, like the Problem of Evil, how would you respond? In Reason for Hope, you will be equipped with a firm foundation to solidify and grow your own faith, to represent Christ publicly, and to dialogue with those of other perspectives in a compassionate and understanding way. We will be exploring compelling reasons to believe that God exists as uniquely revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, answering the most common objections to Christian belief, and learning how to interact with those of other belief systems. Together, let us learn to give a reasoned defense—an apologia—for the hope we have in Jesus (1 Peter 3:15).