Our Hope

To make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing His good news with all people, especially with those of Chinese descent, and helping them grow as followers of Christ, so that together we will bear witness of His glory in Austin, in the surrounding areas, and to the ends of the earth.

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Hesitate in Fear or Advance in Faith

Faith in the God of Promise
Joshua 3: 1-17, Joshua 4: 1-24


2018 Classes

Discovery Groups

The Gospel Project: Stories and Signs

Ming Dao Classroom 1, 11:05a - 12:15p
There are two major parts to this Spring session. The first part of this session focuses on the books of Matthew and John where we see Jesus as the Savior. The second part of this session dives into the books of Matthew, Luke, John and Acts where we see Jesus as the Risen King.

Luke - The Gospel of Amazement (Quest)

John Sung Building, 11:00a - 12:15p
We will continue our study on the Gospel of Luke. Jesus' teaching and ministry brought amazement and wonder to his audience. But, his purpose was to reveal a King who will die on the cross as a Savior for the world.


Witness Essentials

Ming Dao Classroom 3, 11:05a - 12:15p
We know the radical difference the gospel of Jesus Christ makes. And we want others to see and enjoy its benefits. So often, though, we feel we don't know enough or that we will offend our friends. Join us in our study of Daniel Meyer's book Witness Essentials to learn the tools you need to move forward: the basics of the gospel message, the role of life change in our witness, and how to present the good news.