Our Hope

To make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing His good news with all people, especially with those of Chinese descent, and helping them grow as followers of Christ, so that together we will bear witness of His glory in Austin, in the surrounding areas, and to the ends of the earth.

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COVID-19 Update

Dear ACC Family,

Our church's COVID-19 Response Team has created a proposal for an On-Campus Worship Option that would run alongside the current online Worship during the time that the pandemic prevents a full return to on-campus worship. The proposal, which was approved by the Church Council and presented during the November 22 Town Hall meeting, envisions the first on-campus worship to be no sooner than the fourth Sunday after Austin reaches Stage 2 of its COVID-19 Risk-Based Guidelines. The link to the proposal is here. At this point in time, there is no plan to reopen any other on-campus ministries. If you have questions, please email contact@austinchinesechurch.org.

By His grace,
ACC's Covid-19 Response Team

Latest Sermon


I Am The Lord

Then You Will Know That I Am the Lord

Life is filled with storms that bring harm and destruction. Unfortunately, we also allow them to define who we are and shackle us down. But, there is someone who is much greater than these storms, someone who can deliver us and define us in a whole new way. He is Jesus, the Lord over all. 

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Pastor Arthur Hsu

Announcements & Events

Rundberg KidsFest Volunteering

KidsFest is coming up on April 17th (Saturday)! If you are interested in volunteering at this drive through event for kids in Rundberg, please fill out this form: https://acc.church/aveyfood. This form is the same as the weekly food distribution, but KidsFest will be in a separate signup section in the form. If you are available to help out with the KidsFest Food Distribution, they will need 60 volunteers from 9-2 PM!

Spring Membership Class

Membership Classes are starting again on April 25th. Contact eaa@austinchinesechurch.org by April 11th if you are interested in attending the class sessions (3 total) or have any questions about becoming a member of ACC.

2021 Summer JAM

Every Friday from 6/4 - 8/13 at 7:30 PM. We welcome all 3-years old children to 5th graders to join. Virtual Online Programs including praise, Bible message, arts & games, sharing & prayers. Please check out https://acc.church/summerjam21.

Rundberg Food Distribution

If you are interested in volunteering with Austin Voices for Education and Youth to distribute food in the Rundberg area to families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, please fill out this form: https://acc.church/acc-rundberg. AVEY will then contact you by email to confirm plans with you.

ACC Newsletter Subscription

Want to stay in touch with ACC? Visit https://acc.church/subscription to subscribe to our newsletter, where you'll receive emergency updates, letters from the pastors, and even our weekly Sunday bulletin.

Discovery Group

Interested in Discovery Groups?

The Discovery Group ministry aims to provide excellent, engaging, Scripture-based teaching so that together we will grow in our knowledge, understanding, and application of God’s Word. Discovery Groups are meeting from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM via zoom. It's not too late to join so please register at acc.church/dgsignup. After registering you will receive class login information. Anyone college-age and above is welcome!

A Nation Divided

Bible Track

Last semester, we finished studying the reign of Solomon, seeing Israel both at its height and at the beginning of its division and ultimate downfall. This semester, we will be digging into selected passages from Kings, Chronicles and some of the prophetic books. We will examine the ever present faithfulness, justice, mercy, and hope of our God despite Israel's political and spiritual decay, and learn how we can rest in His steadfastness even during uncertain and difficult times in our own lives.

Reading the Bible for All Its Worth

Although we know that God's Word is crucial for our walk with Him, many of us struggle to read and fully understand the Bible. Thankfully, God intends the Scriptures to be accessible to everyone, not just the gifted and the scholarly. Join us as we learn how to accurately understand the different genres of the Bible not only in the context of ancient audiences but also for our lives today. We will be using the Fee and Stuart book, How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth, as our guide.

The Psalms

College (Quest)

We will spend the semester looking at selected passages in the Psalms. When you read the book you truly see the authentic heart of the Psalmist. Whether joyful, sad, angry, or discouraged, the Psalmist's interaction with God is something we can identify with, especially in light of what we went through in 2020. In other words, the Psalms teaches us what worship is and how we can approach God vulnerably. As we enter into 2021, having a robust grasp of worship will be key as we engage with our Lord as a community of faith.