Our Hope

To make disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing His good news with all people, especially with those of Chinese descent, and helping them grow as followers of Christ, so that together we will bear witness of His glory in Austin, in the surrounding areas, and to the ends of the earth.

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Covid-19 Information

Dear ACC Family,

ACC's leadership is aware of Governor Abbott's April 27th order (Executive Order GA18) and its effect to relax the shelter in place for churches. As of now, Austin Chinese Church will continue to stream all services online, as the governor still urges churches to conduct as many activities as possible remotely. Please note that our church campus is still closed for all ministries. We ask that you keep the church leaders in your prayers as they discern what the next steps will be. Please stay tuned for more updates.

By His grace,

Austin Chinese Church Elder Board

Latest Sermon


How To Thrive, Not Just Survive

Thrive: Living By Faith, Not In Fear
Hebrews 11: 32-40, Hebrews 12: 1-2

As we wrap up this sermon series that challenges us to thrive and live by faith, the question may be, "So, how does this apply to me?" For some of you, the real question in your heart is, "HOW am I supposed to thrive as God is calling me to do? Is it even possible?" The key is to keep your eyes looking in the right direction.

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Pastor Gaylord Tsuei

Announcements & Events

2020 At-Home VBS • Jul 20 - 24

This summer, VBS will be launching via Zoom in July from 10 AM - 12 PM. The age criteria for children is ages 5 - 11 (before Sept 1, 2020). Please invite your friends and neighbors to attend. Register at https://acc.church/at-home-vbs by June 21, 2020.

Youth Retreat 2020 • Dec 31 - Jan 3

Due to Covid-19 social distancing measures, Youth Retreat is postponed to the winter. Visit their website (www.acclighthouse.org) or email Minister Dominic at dchan@austinchinesechurch.org for more information.

2021 Deacon Nomination Committee.

The deacon nomination committee includes representatives from each congregation: Marian Lin and Ling Cheng (English); Raymond Lo and Leo Yeung (Cantonese); Shin Tower Wang and Guodong Qin (Mandarin); and Pastor Representatives Pastor Gaylord Tsuei, Pastor Enoch Chow, and Pastor Tony Hsu. Non-voting participants will be Pastor Arthur Hsu and Pastor Patrick Yao. If you would like to recommend a name to the committee, please contact any one of these members. Please keep the committee in your prayers.

RightNow Media

ACC is excited to add RightNow media as a resource for you. It's a collection of videos for bible studies, devotions, and teaching, and topics include marriage, parenting, apologetics, and youth/children specific series. While it’s important that this resource doesn’t replace the Word, we hope it can be a beneficial supplement. It's free, and to gain access, go to www.acc.church/rightnow to signup.

Job Opening

We are actively searching for a Lord's servant to fill a part-time position of the Children's Ministry Assistant for AWANA/JAM. For details of the position please refer to ACC website. Interested brothers and sisters please send resume to personnel@austinchinesechurch.org before June 15, 2020.

First Time Visitors

Dear Visitors,

Due to temporary suspension of onsite service, we would like to stay in touch online if you are visiting our church for the first time. Please complete the short Contact Information form at: www.acc.church/visitor. We are glad you came to worship with us today!

COVID 200 Challenge

ACC Family, thank you for your generosity in participating in our COVID 200 challenge. You completely blew us out of the water from going to our goal of 200 items each to over 600 of each item. We had the blessing to drop off the items at the food pantry last week and Jose at the food pantry deeply expressed his thanks as they are extending the food pantry through the summer past the school year. Additionally, we were able to give the food pantry $1,000 to help purchase food from the food bank which the gift cards are able to supplement for families in more dire situations. If you signed up to receive updates from local outreach, we will be sending out a follow up newsletter soon as well as additional action steps you can participate in as well.

Discovery Group

Interested in Discovery Groups?

The Discovery Group ministry aims to provide excellent, engaging, Scripture-based teaching so that together we will grow in our knowledge, understanding, and application of God’s Word. Summer Discovery Groups will begin next week, June 7, and will meet from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM via zoom. To join a class, please register at acc.church/dgsignup. After registering you will receive class login information. Anyone college-age and above is welcome!

The Big Story: Exploring God's Global Purpose

How do the different books of the Bible connect to each other? Is there a grand theme through all of Scripture? Join us as we discover the global thread interwoven throughout the Old and New Testaments. We will peer through different lenses to see God's global purpose and the role we can play in His story.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

What role does emotional health play in spiritual maturity? How should we understand ourselves as emotional beings, created in the image of a God who has emotions? We picture the ideal Christian having a peaceful spirit, godly confidence, and loving relationships, but we ourselves may experience anxiety, sadness, insecurity, and anger. In this class we will examine biblical principles and truths that can guide us into lasting, beneath-the surface transformation.

Into the Promised Land

We will continue our journey through the Scriptures, specifically the books of Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. We will learn how God guides His people, gives them a home, and delivers them. Let's explore together some exciting Biblical narratives, marvel at God's faithfulness to His promises, and respond to His Word in faith and obedience.