Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Discipleship

What is a Disciple? For starters, a disciple is one who remains in, and obeys God’s Word. In His Word we will see God's heart and desire for those of us who claim to be a follower of Christ. True, it is easy for us to be distracted or discouraged from being faithful, but the reality is that God has big plans for us and invites us to be passionately involved with His purposes. What will help us to understand God's mission and purpose, and what will set us free to experience His plan?

I Am His Disciple

When we claim that God is our Lord, we become his disciples, followers who intently learn who he is and his mission for his people. We observe his righteous ways and live them out in all areas of our lives. As God's disciples, we are called to make disciples who surrender their lives to Jesus, understand his teachings, and live them out in obedience, to fulfill their calling to also make disciples. Faithful to this calling brings honor and glory to God's name in our city, nation, and to the ends of the earth.

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