God's Point of View

Have you ever been in a situation when you REALLY wanted to have a good relationship with another person, but he/she didn't necessarily have the same feeling? You might have had the best of intentions and the desire to bless the other person, but they rejected you. How would you respond? God has told us in His Word that He desires that we would KNOW that He is the Lord, but it is sobering to see that we sometimes respond by ignoring Him or even run away from Him. How do you think He feels? How will He respond?

Then You Will Know That I Am the Lord

As we read through the Bible, we are often amazed/comforted/intrigued/dismayed by how God interacts with people. Sometimes it seems to make perfect sense, and other times we are left a bit confused about "His ways" vs. "our ways." One of the main reasons God states in answer to the question of "WHY" is, "then you will know that I am the Lord." Who does God interact with? What does He want us to know about Him? In the next few months we will try to unpack different passages from Scripture to address these questions so that we can know Him better and hopefully understand our relationship with Him more.

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