Hijacking the Hurt

It has been a challenging time in the last several months as people are struggling with physical health, emotional volatility, and relational stretching like never before. In our desire to understand God's heart for justice and love for all, we have had a steep learning curve. The need to learn purposefully has forced us to learn to listen and feel, sometimes way outside of our comfort zones. What did Jesus model for us when He interacted with people who were hurting?

Barriers and Blind Spots

It is without question that we, the Church, have to take action in response to the social issues and sins in our country and around the world. But with all the talk about seeking justice and loving others, it seems like the real battle is in the hearts of Christians. That is, we all have potential barriers and blindspots that have hindere, and often blocked, our pursuit of mercy, justice, and love. The tragic thing is that most of us don't know it, or...won't admit it! How do we pursue Micah 6:8 in a manner that is authentic and God-centered? We believe that the changed heart WILL lead a person to action. We also believe that action without a changed heart is just as tragic in missing out on God's heart and purposes in building His kingdom.

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