Evidence of Awe

Recently an article came out that stated, "We think of awe as an emotion reserved for the most extraordinary moments – summiting a mountain, the birth of a child, an exquisite live performance. But researchers who study awe say the emotion shouldn't be associated only with rare events. Daily experiences of awe, they argue, should be a regular part of the way we engage with the world." In today's passage, three people were highlighted. One experienced great awe and it led to a powerful response. Another person in the story experienced very little awe, and therefore the response was underwhelming. The third person in the story was Jesus...

I Am His Disciple

When we claim that God is our Lord, we become his disciples, followers who intently learn who he is and his mission for his people. We observe his righteous ways and live them out in all areas of our lives. As God's disciples, we are called to make disciples who surrender their lives to Jesus, understand his teachings, and live them out in obedience, to fulfill their calling to also make disciples. Faithful to this calling brings honor and glory to God's name in our city, nation, and to the ends of the earth.

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