You Can't Follow If You Don't Leave

Some things will never happen if something else doesn't happen first. One can't lose weight unless eating and exercise habits change. You can't wake up if you don't go to sleep first. People can't be comforted unless they are first sad. You won't pass a challenging final exam if you don't first make the time to study effectively and efficiently. You can't follow Jesus...if you don't leave some things behind...

I Am His Disciple

When we claim that God is our Lord, we become his disciples, followers who intently learn who he is and his mission for his people. We observe his righteous ways and live them out in all areas of our lives. As God's disciples, we are called to make disciples who surrender their lives to Jesus, understand his teachings, and live them out in obedience, to fulfill their calling to also make disciples. Faithful to this calling brings honor and glory to God's name in our city, nation, and to the ends of the earth.

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