Life Groups

Life Groups are small community groups that meet regularly and purposefully to develop disciples of Jesus Christ and experience His power to change lives. Together, we will grow in our love for God and for each other as we pray, study the Bible, serve the community and share the good news of Jesus Christ with our local and global neighbors. Our Life Groups are post-college*, mixed life stages, and focused on different regions in Austin. For questions or more information, email:

Life Group Ministry Vision: In response to God’s vision in Matthew 28:18-20, Life Groups seek to hear and respond to Christ, pursue worship, community and mission, and grow together in disciple-making.

As a result, we strive to help our Life Groups grow in the following ways:

  1. Grow in worship of God and the application of His Scripture.
  2. Grow in community through and for discipleship in Christ.
  3. Grow in Gospel focused mission and strive for fruitfulness in Christ.

Expectations for Life Group Members: ACC Life Groups is a church discipleship ministry. That means we believe strongly in the role that Life Groups play to help all of us become healthier church members in both the global and the local church and grow as effective witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we encourage ACC Life Group members to pursue deeper discipleship with Jesus Christ at ACC by:

  1. Worshipping with other ACC church members during Sunday Service.
  2. Receiving teaching and training in our new lives in Christ.
  3. Growing as church members of ACC through baptism, membership and service.
  4. Maturing as followers of Jesus who disciple other followers of Jesus locally and globally.

We encourage people to pursue deeper discipleship with Jesus Christ with the small group ministry of the church they attend on Sundays. If you attend Sunday Worship at another church, we urge you to invest in the community at the local church you choose to worship with and participate in their small group ministry instead.

Leading an ACC Life Group: We are looking for ACC members who faithfully pursue God and have a heart for helping others pursue God in small group settings. If you are interested in becoming a Life Group Leader, please email the Life Group Ministry Director at